My Son, quite often it is said, “It is not what you say, but what you do.”  That is true when defining a heart and one’s depth of character, but what I want to challenge you to do is to say more as you serve.  Life is given and stolen most often through silence and assumptions, through subtle words spoken in habit and even more tragically, through moments without intention.

My Champion, value is not realized unless it is identified.  Hope is not gazed upon without the revelation of what should be the focus.  Faith is not strengthened unless one with clear eyes and similar experience can give confidence in what cannot be seen.  Meaning and relevance are not understood without vulnerability.  The battle that will not tire nor retreat in this fast paced life is that our well intending eyes are too often focused on one’s self.  A focus on not wanting to miss one’s purpose or make a mistake, searching for passions of worth, pursuing Solomon, playing the Martha, or simply drowning in one’s own choppy waters.  But my son, there will always be struggle and there will always be noise calling your name.  There won’t always be an open door to speak truth into another’s heart.

My World Changer, I am learning that life breathed is simple.  It comes in the form of a post-it note, an unsolicited text, a simple “Your humility and generosity challenge me.”, ” You are really good at….”, “I am really proud of you”.  I have noticed that as I seek opportunities to breathe life, my heart is filled.  I have realized that the more I give value, the more I feel worth in my day.  The more I speak truth, the more I see Truth.

My Life Giver, this life is a battle that cannot be won alone.  Plead with the Redeemer for a humble heart that lays its’ rights down in order to be wholed, to give sight to the blind, to give feet to the lame, and to give a future to the forsaken.  Be intentional as you seek, and you will be found.

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