cropped-abcdwed1.jpgI am humbled by the giving of your time to read my heart.  My hope is that these pages sharpen you as my travels are your sharpening stone.  That you join me as a transparent traveller. My name is Matt Corry. I am an average Joe who gets to pursue an amazing woman and be called “Big Daddy” by a little boy with big muscles.  I am in search of the life beyond typical. I am a struggler, a husband, a father, a coach, a teacher, a friend.  I try to be a servant, but most of all I want to be a transparent walker on this dirt road my Creator carries me down. In my three decades I have held on by riding the peaks, pushing through the plains, and clawing my way out of the valleys. My joy remains, my hope is strong, and He has remained faithful.

A little Ethiopian boy made me a Dad….Now, he is my life’s work. He does not have my blood, but he has my heart. He talks like me, and he finds great joy in making those around us feel loved. I write to breathe, but more importantly, I write for Abe. I want the most important man in his life to be absolutely known by him. The good, the bad, and the battle to remain a good and faithful servant.

I often struggle in my search for the life that is not comfortable but passionate, fulfilled, and one that empties my soul. I long for my transparency to be a source of encouragement, and hope to convey the doubts and unanswered questions of a struggler, the joys of shaping a child’s heart, and offer a good laugh at the stories that have chosen me.

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  1. Hi Matt, it is so good to be reconnected to you. Your blog and stories are amazing! …Amazing because it constantly points me to Jesus and His heart as I read your stories.

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