My Son, I have left you but for a short time. I am saddened by the moments we will not share the next few weeks, but am excited for the new ones you will make while I am gone. I am so proud of you. Someday you will understand what I have done, and as you watch me, I pray you eventually find words for what you see.

Abraham, I have found me a humble heart. Better yet, God has entrusted me with a beautiful woman whose humble heart has brought my long buried dreams and passions back to life. You are going to see them unfold and you will watch firsthand as our love grows as your love with her will too. But your main focus is what I long to steer your eyes towards as you pursue life and someday a love: our daily battle to be humble. It will never be achieved, as a humble man will never believe he has arrived. It will be seen by the observer, the recipient. The judge of such is not the battle worn practitioner, but the Savior who Himself redeemed through humility.

Humility, My World Changer, is the source for all pure things, all things Christlike: love, gratitude, patience, a servant’s heart, a forgiving heart, a joyful heart, a heart that can acknowledge its’ need for redemption. Obedience to One other than itself is rooted deep in humility. Happiness that lasts more than a mere selfish moment or season is accessed through the willingness to set one’s self aside and battle for what is right and true. Everyone deserves pure happiness of depth and sustainability, but few are willing to make the consistent choices to achieve such. Most of the time we choose instant gratification that is clothed in a facade. Happiness is a reflection of the heart that pursues humility. And like many of life’s most valuable treasures, humility is not a destination but a fight and journey against our human nature, that if longed for….gives life.

Big Joe, I told Papa before I met Ms. Jess in person that I would marry her. It wasn’t because her eyes are alive or because her laugh gives life. It wasn’t because I was tired of being alone or desperate or that she could complete our family. It wasn’t because she is well travelled and loves an adventure. It wasn’t because I wanted the challenge that comes with her being way out of my league. It was because I read her heart and saw her pictures and coveted her heart’s pursuit on life’s dirt road. I saw her worship. I saw her kiss the orphan whose face alight forgot the cleft in his palate. I saw her embrace the naked scabbed over child who she made realize is the greatest among us. As I learn her, and she reveals her different layers, I am amazed at who she is and each gift and passion and desire is bathed in humility. She only hopes that I find her and her story beautiful and acceptable. And for all the opportunities that were calling her by name, she chose to daily choose this adventure with her “Corry Boys”. An adventure with a divorced father with a five year old son. An adventure attached to this town til you graduate and an adventure with limitations that otherwise she would not have. Instead of the world’s offerings, all rooted in good hearted work, this beautiful heart who graduated at the top of her class, has chosen us. And feels like it is the best thing that has ever happened to her. She has found me and my story beautiful and beyond acceptable. Her humility daily gives me a glimpse of our Creator’s face, and it has given me life and has shattered my paradigm of His faithfulness.

Abe Lee Tariku Corry, I leave you for these 23 naps to marry the holder of my heart, and am simply your dad. We will return to you a family who holds its’ heart out longing to be granted the grace to be found free, alive, accepted, happy…. and humble.

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