I grieve for the eyes that won’t let the Healer let them see.

I grieve for the prisoner who chooses not to be free.

I grieve for morality that thinly becomes no more.

I grieve for the ignorant man, whose reality is lore.

I grieve for the heart, that if not changed will never mend.

I grieve for the haughty hand, the one who will not lend.

I grieve for the one who will not fulfill his purpose.

I grieve for the hollow soul, the elephantless circus.

I grieve for the truth, the truth hidden from the light.

I grieve for the nation, who has adopted Gammorah’s destruction as a right.

I grieve for those who continually suffer from injustice.

I grieve for the fool, who sees no further than ruckus.

I grieve for the unstretched dream that lies enclosed in the never changing horizon.

I grieve for the healing journal, whose yellow pages have accepted to never being written on.

I grieve for dusty potential, never seen, never believed.

I grieve for moments taken for granted, never enjoyed, never seized.

I grieve for failures whose lessons were never learned.

I grieve for opportunities passed up for complacency, never to return.

I grieve for the friend who isn’t willing to carry a portion of the pain.

I grieve for the dragging rider, who won’t let go of the reigns.

I grieve for the Creator who isn’t given the time in one’s day.

I grieve for when too often I do not say:

I need You.  I surrender to You.

Please forgive me.  Please send me.

I am Yours.


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