“The Only Love Some Will Ever See”

It takes a hero to say, don’t send them, send me.

It takes a hero to jump into the fire, for someone else to be free.

It takes a hero.

Heavy hearted for the memories we will not make these coming years.

Anticipating the picture to be painted after the tears.

Filled with excitement, filled with fear.

What does an older brother say, when the time is near?

What last words will sum up what I feel?

What I hope to leave you with, after the meal.

When we meet again, we will not be the same.

I pray with time we change, and mediocrity will never remain.

May hope keep you full, and faith keep you strong.

Follow your visions, that show you where you belong.

So much fulfillment waits, through change’s door it lies.

May a humble heart keep you from demise.

Chase the possible, no matter how illogical it may seem.

Tear down your box’s walls.  Pay no attention to the seams.

Don’t know how long this race will be ran, this match will be played.

This last leg, this last set with you, in my mind will never fade.

Know that wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be with you in the sand.

I will pray for you, until we embrace again.

Remember, weakness is only as strong as the strength we think we possess.

Weakness is only as destructive, as the sand on which our lives are daily built.

Weakness is only as powerful as the lack of help we seek to fight it.

Tomorrow’s failure relies on what we choose not to do today.

Success relies on what we deliberately sacrificed yesterday.

Keep your eyes open.  Keep your head up.

Keep your heart tender, and remember, in all the hell, you will be the only love that some will ever see.

I will see you soon.

Today, I salute you, and thank you, my Hero.

I love you, Benny.


March 21, 2005


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