“Teachable Moments”

  1. While putting the date on the board in roman numerals, I seized the teachable moment.  I asked if any of the class of ten knew them.  One brave soul raised his hand and replied, “No, but I can make ramen noodles.”

  2. In trying to motivate the dudes in my math class, I told a what I wish was the truth, “There isn’t a girl  who likes a boy who is lazy and doesn’t have dreams nor wants to apply himself.”  The hardest worker in the class meekly responded, “Ok, Mr. Corry.  I will try a lot harder, because I want to be really attractive.”

  3. A girl who is a serial tardier and always looks for a reason to get out of class asked to go to the restroom as soon as the lesson started.  I firmly told her that it wasn’t happening today…. She then began her usual whine.  Then another student raised her hand and said, “Mr. Corry, you need to understand that she is on her question mark.” I pointed to the door.  (If I were to disguise it, I would have used an exclamation point.  There shouldn’t be a question nor pause/ comma.)

  4. On a wild whim, I shaved my facial hair not realizing the impact on my students.  Now I am known by students whom I don’t even know, as  Mr. No Beard and then slowly it has become Mr. New Beard.

  5. Many a year ago, in the age of portable compact disc players, I had a student who made it a habit to ask me for double A batteries.  After several consecutive days of meeting his request, I asked how in the world he could possibly use that many batteries.  His simple apologetic response, “Sorry, Mr. Corry, I am addicted to the taste of alkaline.”




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