The arrogant lover.

The healed who doesn’t want to recover.

The protector who chooses to cower.

The clinched pain gone to sour.

Joy that isn’t safe to express.

Secret kept, not to confess.

Conviction without test.

A wrong not forgiven.

A wave not ridden.

Last chance, taken one day too late.

Love trusted to fate.

The absent father.

Anger in the tender moment.

Injustice without opponent.

Sinner without atonement.

Traveler, alone sent.

A heart not pursued.

The able, not willing to be used.

Ointment that does not sooth.

A child without his youth.

Innocence taken.

Lone heart breaking.

Vulnerability misunderstood.

“If only I could….”

The proud leader.

Totter without the teeter.

A song with no one to dance.

Commitment lacking endurance.

A dream without sacrifice.

Life that will…..”suffice”.

Love with expectation.

Touch without sensation.

Laughter longing for elation.

Beauty without appreciation.

Potential without desire.

Passion no longer on fire.

Tears that cannot be cried.

Truth sold as lies.

Water that does not flow.

Seed one does not sow.

Murder short a crow.

We are all upstream, how to row?

But with sight comes action. How can we not contribute to this broken humanity? How can we be a healer if for but one moment? One ray of light. Let us not be a spoke in the cycle. See the moments for what they are and fight. Fight you first. Then fight for you. Fight to whole back this broken experience. Be a piece of the Creator’s mosaic masterpiece. 

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