My Vow

You are the one for whom my life I will daily give.

You are the pursuit of my heart, the holder of it too.

You are the one I find so pure, so lovely, so beautiful.

The one I long to lead as my heart is being directed.

The one for whom I long to share this great adventure.

I will come to you daily with a humble heart as I offer it, my dreams, my mind, my self as I long to be found acceptable, beautiful, forgiven and loved.

I do not deserve your love but accept your giving of your self as my most treasured of gifts.

I will protect your love and wash its’ feet.

I will nurture it, listen to it, serve it.

I will hide it in the deepest parts of my heart and let it redeem me as our Redeemer reveals Himself through you.

You, my Darling, equal my yoke.

You, my Dreamer, share my life’s pourings and passions.

You, my Beloved, are and will always be my daily pursuit as I submit to the Father.

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