My Son,
The beauty of a woman is beyond what can be summed up in a sitting. It overflows what pages can contain. It is more than what can be uttered in every nation’s tongue. The placing of words on a page in summary, is itself an injustice. So I focus on a mere drop of the iceberg. You will learn by watching me, more than listening to what I say, and through this process I will also show you how you must treat them, and for what you must long for. Not beauty that will complete you, but that which will grant you inspiration, joy, and the deepest of travelling companionships. It will bring you closer to God and give you a better understanding of who He is. The importance of this is paramount to the life I hope you live. How you see beauty, and instill beauty, how you respond to beauty, beauty you settle for or the show that you will not accept. This principle will likely more than anything else control the trajectory of your days. It will decide your happiness, your fulfillment, your freedom or cage. It will help you conquer the world or it will steal your ability to simply breathe. Pursue the beautiful. My son, the beauty of a woman is one of life’s heavens, but misguided perceptions lead to living your days in a barren desert.
You must not listen to the voices of society as they are ever changing and will leave you empty hearted with that which is temporary. But first, we must change our world and instill the beauty that gives life. We must define it as boyfriends and husbands, as teachers and coaches, and even now at the ripe age of five, you have the power to give and identify beauty where it is due. We must let them know what we see, and what we long for, what a woman or girl is worth, and eventually this mirage will fade and the absurd will be seen for the lie it is. This misconception of beauty has imprisoned the stunning, has stolen the shine from the sun, demeaned, and broken many a soul. Many a home. But it starts with me. It begins with you and our definition of a beautiful woman.
This video illustrates a few aspects of beauty that I long for myself to have in a woman, and pray you choose and be granted the same. Beauty flows from the heart, and from that heart flows the direction of her and your steps. Beauty is strong. Beauty is not afraid to be weak. Beauty protects. It is humble. Beauty is brave. Beauty is willing to sacrifice. It is fierce. Beauty is honest. Beauty is a happy heart. It lives a passionate life. Beauty dreams. It sees that it comes from her Maker and not of that which ages. Beauty accepts it being acknowledged for what it is. Beauty is confident. It gives life. Beauty does not hide. Beauty fights for what matters. True beauty is not defined by the gloss nor size, but by the beholder with clear eyes. The lie has been defined in order for it to be marketed to the hurting, to the masses, to the empty hearted who are searching for a place to find relevance and for the blind to identify them as acceptable. That lie has been our society’s disease.
So, my son, go and give value and identify in those around you what is beautiful in them. Be an instrument of peeling back the layers of what has to daily be applied, so that it can shine and be believed as what really is. But make sure that when you long for a woman’s beauty, look first at her heart and treasure it. Hold it closer to you than you hold your own dreams. Protect it and invest in it as your most cherished of priorities. Cultivate it and it will grow to break that which contains. And life will come. The beauty of a woman, my son, will reveal itself in layers as you pursue it, as you long to learn it. And I promise you, you will not come to find the floor of its’ depth. For a woman’s beauty comes from the Potter’s hands himself.

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