Conversations With My Four Year Old World Changer

This morning at breakfast, Abe looked up and said, “Dad, you know that I am going to kill Satan someday?” “How will you do that, Buddy?”, I replied with full confidence that he had a plan. He then started praying, “God, when I get a little bigger, will you help me be able to kill Satan? I want to get better with my bow and arrow, and since Satan is just a lying snake and you helped David kill Goliath with just a sling, I know with Your help that I can do it. Also, thank you for this breakfast, and for my Dad, and please help me to have a good attitude and be a good boy at church.” 1/26/14

As Abe and I ate breakfast this morning, he showed me how he can chew and wink at me at the same time and it took me back…..Back to my childhood. Not a particular moment, but it was my father’s face….That one of finding great joy in me and how clearly I still can feel his affection of that moment….How amazing it is now, to have the power to let my son know how pleased I am with him and for the joy he brings me……1/3/14

Most evenings as I am tucking The Champ in, I remind him that if all the little boys in the whole world lined up and I was able to choose any of them to be my son, it wouldn’t be a choice because I would pick him every time. Because he is my son and my love for him stronger than Captain America, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman and Superman all put together.

Tonight, as I was tucking him in, he looked up and said, “Dad, if all the dads in the whole wide world lined up and I got to choose just one, it wouldn’t be a choice. I would choose you, because you are my dad and I love you.” I cannot express the depth of my gratitude, the weight of the responsibility, nor the joy that comes with being loved and looked up to by this little boy who will someday be a dad himself. 12/13

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