Are you living to die? 

Are you dying to live?

Are you chasing the gods, that have nothing to give?

Are you loving to hate? 

Are you hating to love?

Are you becoming the one, you were always afraid of?

Are you lost in the dark?

Are you waiting to be found in the light?

Are you afraid of what, the day will bring to sight?

Are you blinded by self?

Are you seeing you need to forgive?

Are you placing aside, all the life yet to live?

Are you waiting for beauty to come from ashes?

Are you rotting from soul to skin?

Are you picking the scabs, not letting them mend?

Are you defined by the memories?

Are you defined by truth?

Are you defined as a product of horrid youth?

Are you holding on, afraid of your own wings?

Are you letting go, but it clings?

Are you walking dead?

Are you conceding, accepting what doesn’t have to be?

Are you waiting to be free?

Are you living to die?

We are all dying to live.

Through life’s door, is the selfless path to forgive.

It is time to let go.

Freedom will come from deliberate choices.

Can’t walk anymore with the lying voices.

It is time to let go.

Take the freedom that passes up those who wait.

It is time to heal and live, it’s not too late.

It is time to accept yourself.

It is time to conquer what for so long has been hid.

It will be painful, but I have your hand, my beautiful friend.

It is time to live.  It is time to give.

It is time to forgive.

No more time for dying, it is time to live.  9/21/04


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