Whose pain have I made my own?

Whose field have I sown?

Whose love have I shown?

Whose pain have I carried as my own?

A friend like few have walked.

A friend like few choose to be.

A friend like the world has mocked.

A friend whose eyes choose to see.

What am I willing to give, to sacrifice?

What am I willing to pay, what price?

What will sustain, what will suffice?

What honestly am I willing so see, and sacrifice?

May rest flow from my soul.

May wisdom choose my lips.

May healing through me bring others whole.

May comfort come from my fingertips.

Open my eyes, Lord, to see another’s pain.

Grant me the strength to carry another, in their rain.

May I not compare my will to what is humanly sane.

I lay my self down…. to embrace a brother’s pain.

October 29, 2012

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